WorkComp Partners will provide you direction and support in managing injuries, including the following services:

  • Assistance to your Injury Coordinator in integrating methods, tools and resources into your hiring practices to help you avoid “hiring a claim.”
  • Assistance in setting up the right doctor for the right treatment.
  • Assistance in setting up or updating current Drug Free Workplace & Safety Programs.
  • A complete Return-To-Work Program with all the tools necessary to enhance your existing program.
  • Supervisor training on how to manage an injured employee
  • Assistance in improving your “First Report of Injury” process to include the 13-week wage statement and explain why this is so important to complete accurately.
  • Our dedicated injury manager, Robin Stenger, will:
    -Follow up on First Report of Injury
    -Report on the status and plan of action of loss time injuries
    -Negotiate Open Reserves with insurance companies’ Claims Adjusters
    -Conduct ongoing communication on interventions deployed as challenges arise
    -Verify accuracy of claims on the Experience Modification Worksheet
    -Promulgate future Experience Modification Factors and how claims will affect the Mod -Factor


Claims Management

  • Develop Injury Management Clinic for all locations
  • Identify best Orthopedic Doctor for joint claims and neurologist for back.
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan for all claims
  • Understand that claims directly affect your bottom line

Experience Modification

  • Verify 100% Accuracy
  • Manage claims so that they are closed or adequate reserves at valuation date

Audit Support

  • Verify that auditor’s figures balance to UCT-6 amounts
  • Prepare a complete audit package for you to give to the auditor when they arrive.
  • Verify that all deductions have been utilized

Policy Review and Structure

  • Verification of all credits available
  • Class Code Eligibility
  • Net Cost Analysis
  • Deductible Analysis
  • Loss Sensitive Plan Analysis